Clean Safe Solar Welcome to Leo Energies

Clean Safe Solar Welcome to
Leo Energies
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Welcome to Leo Energies

We are a leading provider of clean energy solutions to our esteemed clients in association with leading companies.

We are committed to offer thorough quality experience to our customers.

Our team has tons of experience and expertise to offer customize solutions as per our client’s requirement for any type of Solar/ Clean energy need at affordable price points.

We have tie-ups in banking to process your Loans for your solar solution. Once paid off completely, customers have FREE power going forward.

Our clients range from household, schools, colleges, commercial, industrial, hotels, hospitals etc.

Our client can expect their return on investment in three to four years without any subsidy whereby the panels have a shelf life of 25 years.

OUR Services

We offer complete Engineering, Procurement & Commissiong (EPC) of a project and provides turnkey solutions as required by our clients. Our in depth expertise help design architectural & technical support in each & every project. We believe in hand holding of our clients from starting till end to keep them away from any unknown hassle.

Roof Top

A solar roof top system helps in generating electricity through solar panels installed on the roof tops with state of the art structures for any household, commercial buildings etc.

Ground Mounted

The ground mounted solar photovoltaic systems also help in generating electricity through racks or frames those are attached to mounting systems. Installation at right angle and direction plays the key role in the right electricity output.


Solar Panels
Solar panel is a Photovoltaic module which generates electricity from the sunlight under a particular angle and direction. There is a great deal of innovation which is happening in this sector yielding better efficiency and less space required for same installation.....Read More
On Grid System
This is a system which is generally implemented in the areas where there is no or very less electricity cut. In this process solar panels are installed on the roof top or areas on the top of the terrace where panel converts solar energy into electricity and then with the help of invertor generated DC current gets converted into AC current which then directly flows in the metre that is connected to the grid of the your area.....Read More
Off Grid System
This is a system which is generally implemented where there is shortage of electricity with little or minimal excess to grid and needs battery back-ups to feed the supplies in the premises. In this process excess power generated during the day can be used for storage in batteries therefore the user has minimum dependency on the grid and is self-sufficient in case of power shortages.....Read More
Solar street Light
Solar Street Lights are the poles powered by single photovoltaic panel where panels are mounted on the lighting structure or integrated in the pole itself. The panel is attached with a rechargeable battery which provides power to the lamp during the night. We can customise to suit your technical specifications for any given project assuring quality product....Read More
Battery And inverters
We have wide range of batteries available whose details are as follows: ...Read More
Net Metering
Net Metering is a billing system that credits owners with the extra electricity produced and added to grid, over and above what they consume for themselves. eg: Let us take an example where your solar roof top generates 10 units of electricity per day, and you only need 8 units of electricity for yourself then that 2 extra units are feeded in the grid and that can be used in the night when solar is not generating any electricity....Read More
From idea to realization
A solar roof top system generates electricity through solar panels mounted on the roof top of the residential home, building or structure.....Read More
Commercial / Industrial / Office Building
Solar based energy solutions are gaining a lot of appreciation today because of their green in nature carbon footprint and return on investment....Read More
School / Colleges / University
Solar is the only solution for ever increasing grid connected electricity bills for Schools, colleges and universities who are mostly running their Institutions on non profit agenda....Read More
Hospitals / Hotels
Commercial establishments like Hospitals, clinics, Hotels, resorts, amusement parks etc. can avail the benefits of Solar systems to lower down their electricity bills which are ever increasing....Read More
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