Solar Panels
Solar panel is a Photovoltaic module which generates electricity from the sunlight under a particular angle and direction. There is a great deal of innovation which is happening in this sector yielding better efficiency and less space required for same installation. We have a varied range of Solar panels available which are as follows:
Poly Panels Mono perc panel Bifacial Panel
10 watt panel 50 watt panel 440 watt super high efficiency Bifacial panel
20 watt panel 75 watt panel
40 watt panel 125 watt panel
160 watt panel 190 watt panel
335 watt panel 390 watt panel
440 watt super high efficiency panel
On Grid System

This is a system which is generally implemented in the areas where there is no or very less electricity cut. In this process solar panels are installed on the roof top or areas on the top of the terrace where panel converts solar energy into electricity and then with the help of invertor generated DC current gets converted into AC current which then directly flows in the metre that is connected to the grid of the your area.

During this entire process when you generate excess power than required by you, the unused power gets fed into the grid and is calculated & reflected on your smart meter called as net meter adding credits to your electricity bill to offset your payment to the Board. At night when panels are not producing electricity you consume electricity directly from grid. These systems are ideal for Household, commercial, offices, buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals etc. We can supply systems from 1 kw to 10 MW and can be customized as per client’s requirements.


This is a system which is generally implemented where there is shortage of electricity with little or minimal excess to grid and needs battery back-ups to feed the supplies in the premises. In this process excess power generated during the day can be used for storage in batteries therefore the user has minimum dependency on the grid and is self-sufficient in case of power shortages. The installed solar panels generate electricity which is first converted into AC current via Invertor and then stored in batteries to be utilized later.

Solar Street lights

Solar Street Lights are the poles powered by single photovoltaic panel where panels are mounted on the lighting structure or integrated in the pole itself. The panel is attached with a rechargeable battery which provides power to the lamp during the night. We can customise to suit your technical specifications for any given project assuring quality product.

Battery And inverters

We have wide range of batteries available whose details are as follows:

  1. 6 Ah/ 75 watt hour multipurpose lithium battery
  2. 12 Ah/ 150 watt hour multipurpose lithium battery
  3. 20 Ah/ 250 watt hour multipurpose lithium battery
  4. 30 Ah/ 385 watt hour lithium battery
  5. 40 Ah/ 500 watt hour lithium battery
  6. 80 Ah/ 1000 watt hour Lithium battery
  7. Lithium Battery 30ah- 48 Volt for Electric Vehicles.

We have range of Invertors available whose details are mentioned below:

  1.  1 kVA inverter with 1 kWh Lithium battery for 4-5 hours power back up
  2. 2 kVA Solar Inverter with 2 kWh Lithium battery for home
  3. 5 kVA Solar Inverter with 5 kWh Lithium battery for home

And many more options available upon request

Net Metring

Net Metering is a billing system that credits owners with the extra electricity produced and added to grid, over and above what they consume for themselves.

eg: Let us take an example where your solar roof top generates 10 units of electricity per day, and you only need 8 units of electricity for yourself then that 2 extra units are feeded in the grid and that can be used in the night when solar is not generating any electricity. So, let’s say that you fed 2 extra units in the grid during daytime and consumes those 2 units at night from grid, therefore your grid’s day’s electricity balance would be 0 which can be monitored via net metering easily.