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A solar roof top system generates electricity through solar panels mounted on the roof top of the residential home, building or structure.

Ground mounted solar systems are generally large and requires space to be installed in a place by racks or frames that are attached to ground based mounting support. But again it can be a good idea when you have spaces available.

Both of the above said systems supports on grid, off grid or hybrid i.e., a mix of both on grid and off-grid technologies that can be installed with capacities ranging from 1 kw to 25kw and can be more in bigger spaces.

But one this for sure that solar systems are easy to install, more affordable now and cost effective.

Commercial / Industrial / Office Building

Solar based energy solutions are gaining a lot of appreciation today because of their green in nature carbon footprint and return on investment.

Solar systems can be installed at any commercial like malls, Industries or office building set-up after understanding their exact requirements. We can help avail 80 to 100% Loan facility to our clients through our different banking channels.

School / Colleges / University

Solar is the only solution for ever increasing grid connected electricity bills for Schools, colleges and universities who are mostly running their Institutions on non profit agenda. Solar return of investment is somewhere between 3-4 years for any institution or establishment and panel’s warranty is for 25 years therefore creating a win- win situation. We can put any capacity of Solar plant in your premises from 1 kw to 100 kw

Hospitals / Hotels

Commercial establishments like Hospitals, clinics, Hotels, resorts, amusement parks etc. can avail the benefits of Solar systems to lower down their electricity bills which are ever increasing. Our Loan facility as well as product customization as per our client’s requirement is the key to our success.

We feel now is the time to go ahead and join hands with LEO Energy for a clean & better tomorrow.